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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be here this winter?


Where is your office?

Right now the office is pretty much run out of the truck. For a go-to try Todd’s Garage at 200 Old Harbor Rd!

Are your prices competitive?

Yes, but I need your help! Let me know of a lower price and we’ll go from there!
– EB

Will you have more than one truck?

Yes, as of 1/26/19 there are three trucks ready to deliver to your home or business!

How Do I Pay?

This is still a common question even though most of the information is already on the website at: http://graniteislandfuel.com/payment-options/.

You can pay via check, cash, credit card, and even online! You can also put money on account! Dropping a check off or paying by credit card is also an option at Todd’s Garage. Even if you don’t do business at Todd’s don’t let that stop you from visiting for fuel! If you do business at both though we thank you!!

Are you still taking on customers?


Do you plan on delivering propane?

We hope to VERY soon!

Updated: 12/9/2020

Can you place me on automatic delivery?

Yes, if you have an idea on when you would like your first delivery and the schedule you would like to start, let’s get you on the list!

Are you FULL service?

Unfortunately at this time, no. If you need servicing, please contact your local plumber.